A new export record set

On 2nd April 2015, Euroline brought the Panamanian flagged bulker m/v Selamet into the port of Aberdeen to commence loading 16500 tonnes of Scottish feed barley destined for Libya.

This cargo movement organised in close collaboration with Openfield Agriculture involved over 500 truck movements and achieved a daily elevation rate of well over 3500 tonnes per working day.

This vessel uplifted the largest ever export cargo to have been shipped out of Aberdeen and was done so with minimal fuss due to considerable advance planning with the ex farm supply chain. Euroline has a long and proud history of serving the agricultural community in the North-East of Scotland and have always worked in tandem with the grain trade to assist entry to new and developing markets. This latest development allowed Euroline and Openfield to achieve access to a new market for Scottish cereal farmers and the overwhelming success of the operation clearly demonstrated to local cereal growers that their future business is best served by our independence and autonomy.