Euroline Shipping Company Ltd has been established in Aberdeen since 1989 as an independent shipping agency. The company commenced trading with a small but loyal client base and, over the years, has progressively developed and grown to become the country’s leading independent ships agent with an exemplary and enviable track record of providing a full range of safe, reliable and cost effective marine and related contractor services to  many clients operating in demanding, diverse and often challenging environments.

With its head office in the centre of Aberdeen’s port area and a number of satellite offices around the Scottish mainland, the company with its experienced and motivated staff  provides a highly efficient and cost-effective range of services to ship owners, ship operators and charterers as well as importers and exporters with rapid and flexible responses to ensure smooth and trouble free port calls and straightforward movements of cargoes. The company’s staff are very proud of its history, heritage and track-record of innovative ideas and methodologies and strive to maintain exemplary standards at all times. Euroline is fully committed to treating every customer with the utmost of importance with attention given to the fine details.

The Euroline aim has always been to develop a strategy, which gives due consideration to method, routing, safety and economy – all specifically designed to suit the customer’s requirements and enhancing  our reputation for delivering a high quality service.

As our clients demands have become more diverse, Euroline continues to evolve in order to offer unrivaled speciality services to meet our clients needs. We strive to enhance the business of our customers by offering the highest quality logistic solutions based on our strong local expertise, a great knowledge of the customers products and services, combining this with our strategically placed office network and port presence. Our aim is always to be accepted as our customers preferred ships agent and logistics partner and to continue to lead the industry in terms of quality and reliability.

Our success stems from the close relationship that management maintains with the day to day operations, and, in our ability to be proactive and highly flexible in a rapidly changing business environment.