Offshore Europe 2015

It has been a pleasure to meet with a number of our ship-owning friends who are in Aberdeen for Offshore Europe 2015. We look forward with some cautious optimism to an improving market place for them in the last quarter of 2015 and beyond. We continue to work very closely with cargo interests to explore seaborne routes to new market places for their products. Euroline will always welcome new enquiries from cargo owners and vessel operating interests.

Please contact us at our head office with details of your enquiry and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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Aberdeen Harbour Shield and the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre

On Sunday 30th August 2015, the annual Aberdeen Harbour Shield golf tournament was held at Inverurie Golf Club on the outskirts of Aberdeen.
Sponsored by Aberdeen Harbour Board, the event was held with glorious weather and an excellent time was had by all those attending.
This was the 19th time the event has been held and its sole purpose was to raise funds for the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre which relies on charitable donations for its whole operation.
Euroline has actively participated in this event since it started and is proud to have again played its part in the raising of a significant amount of funds for the centre.
In the current downturn in the shipping and oil & gas industries, it is easy to forget how important a role the centre plays in the port and the care it provides for the welfare of all seafarers. Euroline recognises and acknowledges the centre’s work and actively calls upon all port users to look to support the centre in any way possible.

Extracting better value out of the North Sea

Towards the end of 2014  the value of a barrel of oil started to slide from a year high of around $100,- per barrel. By mid 2015 this had turned into a full scale plunge with the value of a barrel of oil dropping to under $50 by early August.

As the drastic drop on the value of oil has impacted all operators and service companies around the North Sea region we frequently read and hear about how the oil industry needs to embrace a culture change and start a drive towards considerable cost savings but at the same time we continue to witness the established North Sea oil companies and offshore fleet operators choosing the same methodology in their logistics and supply chain as they have done over the previous 30 years.

The time for change and new thinking is long overdue. Euroline are there to provide the tools and methodology  to drive that change and help reduce client costs.

Euroline’s operations department working  with its accredited partners in the marine and transport supply chain around the North Sea basin are able to offer the ‘one stop shop’ requirement that oil companies need to get better value out of their existing assets and furthermore we are there to provide that same service to new exploration and production companies entering the North Sea arena.

We welcome new challenges and opportunities.We also welcome your enquiries.

If you want to know how we can help you reduce your costs, you can e-mail us on :-

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Or,  you can call us on :-

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A new export record set

On 2nd April 2015, Euroline brought the Panamanian flagged bulker m/v Selamet into the port of Aberdeen to commence loading 16500 tonnes of Scottish feed barley destined for Libya.

This cargo movement organised in close collaboration with Openfield Agriculture involved over 500 truck movements and achieved a daily elevation rate of well over 3500 tonnes per working day.

This vessel uplifted the largest ever export cargo to have been shipped out of Aberdeen and was done so with minimal fuss due to considerable advance planning with the ex farm supply chain. Euroline has a long and proud history of serving the agricultural community in the North-East of Scotland and have always worked in tandem with the grain trade to assist entry to new and developing markets. This latest development allowed Euroline and Openfield to achieve access to a new market for Scottish cereal farmers and the overwhelming success of the operation clearly demonstrated to local cereal growers that their future business is best served by our independence and autonomy.

25 years of Euroline

On 2nd November 2014, Euroline quietly passed its 25th year of trading anniversary.

In keeping with our usual “low key and professional approach” to all aspects of our business, there was no big celebration. We chose to ”keep our heads down”, get the jobs done and give our clients our usual commitment to best in class service.

We did, however, pause to take stock and look back at our proud history and the role played by the company and its staff members through the years at various ports around the Scottish mainland. The highlights are simply too many to list here and the lowlights negligible. When we considered what has been the most important job, the answer we came up with was …….. “the next one”.

So, what summed up 25 years of Euroline ?

Commitment, loyalty and trust – from our customers, our suppliers, sub-contractors and our staff. For the next 25 years, our vision remains the same. We hope you will stay with us on the never-ending voyage and, if you are not onboard yet, now is the time to embark.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

Largest ship to ever dock in Aberdeen

On October 16 2014, Euroline arranged the port call, loading and discharging of the largest ever vessel to have called into the port of Aberdeen.

The 19128 GT “Pacific Adventure” arrived from Nouakchott, Mauritania with a cargo of used oilfield equipment. The vessel was then back-loaded with a fresh cargo of similar oilfield materials destined for ports along the West African coastline.

This huge operation was rigidly controlled from the initial planning stage through to completion by the Euroline operations department bringing plaudits from the shipping line, the importers and exporters for the professionalism and expertise in every aspect of the operation.