It’s Dolphin season again

Each year, over the summer months, Aberdeen Harbour is visited by dolphins who frequently  swim alongside  vessels that make their way in and out of the port

The RSPB have set up an information Dolphinwatch team who will be on hand at Torry Battery (overlooking the port entrance at the South side) from 11am-6pm on Thursday to Sunday every week from now until 14 August.

More information can be found on this weblink kindly set up by Aberdeen Harbour Board :-

Ethical behaviour in business

Following on to a very high profile case which was widely reported in national and international media on 4th April 2016 regarding a Scottish logistics company which self-reported breaches under the UK Bribery Act of 2010, we felt this was an appropriate time to highlight that Euroline has a robust Code Of Ethics which are rigidly enforced in every area of its business. The company is quite happy to forward a copy of its Code Of Ethics to any client, supplier or official body requesting a copy.

Authorised Economic Operator

We are pleased to announce that the company has achieved Authorised Economic Operator status which becomes effective from 03/02/16.

Another major milestone achieved by Euroline – One that is hugely important for all our customers in the international shipping trade who can be assured that their business is handled by an organisation that has been thoroughly vetted and approved by the only authority that counts.

We look forward to being of continued service to our valued clients and we will happily assist any potential new clients who seek to have their business handled by a company which has been vetted for compliance, solvency & procedures






Siem Garnet calls Aberdeen

We currently have the Norwegian anchor handing tug “Siem Garnet” alongside our office today as she undergoes some minor service work prior to heading back out into the North Sea oilfields.

Euroline has a long and proud history of handling the Siem Offshore fleet in Scottish ports and have excellent relationships with the captains and crews onboard. It is always a great pleasure to welcome them back to port.


The changing world of shipping

There are some dramatic changes on the horizon for those engaged in the shipping industry. Legislation changes will impact on every aspect of trade and will affect importers, exporter and ship operators to varying degrees.

These changes will come in the form of the implementation of UCC – Union Customs Code – which has a scheduled implementation date of 1st May 2016

Our customers and principals can be assured that Euroline has been actively preparing for that day with our first step being working towards accreditation as an Authorised Economic Operator. This process is well underway now and we are extremely confident that full approval will be granted to the company by HM Revenue & Customs by early February this year. The process towards AEO accreditation is complex and requires full analysis of the company’s systems, procedures, security, finances and cyber security.

We will, of course, be informing our trade contacts when our approval is confirmed by HMRC. We will also release the news via this website.

An Express service at Peterhead

Today (15/12/15) we welcomed the fastest ship that the company has ever dealt with into the port at Peterhead. The HSC Express made a scheduled fuel stop having left Belfast less than 20 hours beforehand en-route to Scandinavia. The vessel, which is capable of cruising at up to 40 knots and averages 38 knots on most voyages, is a state of the art “High Speed Craft” passenger carrier with a catamaran style hull.

We are, of course, delighted that the owners chose Euroline as their reputable, reliable local agent with whom they could entrust the entire port call to be handled safely, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Whilst the vessel is certainly high speed, the same can also be said about the port call where all services and facilities were provided rapidly to ensure the vessel could continue on her high speed voyage.

On the picture below, the vessel can be seen alongside the tanker jetty at Peterhead during the port call.


hsc express



We have chosen, this year, not to send out any Christmas cards or gifts but instead would like to  wish all our customers, trade contacts and friends a very merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous and healthy 2016 via this message on our website.

In lieu of sending out any cards or gifts, this year we are making substantial charitable donations to local organisations who help the homeless and the poverty-stricken. We are sure our actions show what the true spirit of Christmas should represent and our doing so should meet with most people’s better nature and we would urge everyone to take a similar view and try to help those who are less fortunate than themselves and are in genuine need especially at this time of the year.

We hope that by doing this we can all help make someone else’s life better in some small way.

We look forward to your continued support in 2016.

Best Wishes

Mike Packer

Managing Director



Location, Location, Location !!


At Euroline we have always been on the front line of shipping and our head office’s location right on the quayside at Aberdeen gives us a truly unique advantage over other agents by virtue of being located in the very heart of the port. Today, we had a rather special visitor to our quayside in the shape of the Royal Navy’s HMS Diamond.

A fantastic vessel but unfortunately she’s not much use for cargo or offshore operations. The Royal Navy didn’t use our services on this occasion but we remain on “battle stations” for the call from the Admiralty…….

Remember that location always counts when appointing your agent and we operate in ports around the Scottish East Coast with fixed offices.

Spotlight on Euroline staff


Euroline Shipping Co Ltd has operated under the leadership of its Managing Director, Mike Packer, who has been the driving force behind the company since its inception in 1989. Mike has a lifetime of shipping company experience and has seen many changes in the maritime industry over the years. With the support of the operations team he has been instrumental in building the company into the force that it is today by embracing change and evolution to drive the company forward with fresh ideas, impetus and new initiatives with the aim always being to maintain customer satisfaction and to refine operational results.


The  Euroline operations department is managed by Steve Milne who has been with the company since 1991. Steve has spent his entire career in shipping and has worked very closely with the Managing  Director since joining the company in helping  to create the Euroline model which is based on achieving and maintaining best practice in ships agency, cargo handling and marine operations which the company’s clients are accustomed to. Steve has a much admired reputation throughout the shipping industry for his dedication, loyalty and trust-worthiness.


The company’s “young blood”, in the shape of Andy Greig, Chris Rezin and Ross Smith are the hub of the company’s day to day agency and cargo operations departments. With a wealth of experience, they can be relied upon, by all our clients and contractors alike, to provide service and feedback that is considered ”best in class”. The operations team can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the company’s  main office telephone number and e-mail address.


Nina Mackie has supported the director, management and operations team at Euroline for over 11 years by administering the company’s finances and managing the sale and purchase ledgers. The company is proud of Nina’s loyalty and dedication to her role.