Season’s Greetings for 2016 and looking ahead to 2017

We are never one for the understatement but it must  be said that 2016 certainly brought with it more than its fair share of challenges to the shipping industry. The drastic decline in the value of a barrel of crude oil at the beginning of the year brought with it huge uncertainties to every area of the oil and gas industry which has been the cornerstone to Scotland’s economy for over 40 years. The offshore shipping industry did not escape this – as a result the offshore marine sector suffered tremendous difficulties with a decline in daily hire rates for shipowners forcing them to place many vessels into lay-up and a withdrawal from the market place. Whilst the value of oil has improved considerably from its low point in January to date, vessel operators, the overall supply chain and personnel in all areas of the industry continue to face an uncertain future.

The result of the UK’s referendum held in June on the UK’s membership of the EU sent shockwaves throughout the Western world. This seems to have sent the shipping industry into a further period of uncertainty and doubt as to how trade will unfold which shows no sign of abating any time soon. As always, we are maintaining a ‘watching brief’ to ensure our clients remain informed on legislation changes that might impact on their marine related activities.

We, at Euroline, have had a tumultuous year having had all manner of vessels calling into ports around the UK mainland under our agency. Some bringing new and different challenges which our agency team admirably dealt with to satisfy our clients needs and demands. Others, were routinely handled with slick efficiency which the company is renowned for. None of this, of course, would have been possible without the support of and first class relationship with our clients, vendors and suppliers. 2016 also brought with it a number of new clients looking to generate cost savings and create new ways to solve their shipping and logistical problems – we were very happy to welcome them onboard and introduce them to the Euroline business model, We look forward to new clients joining our portfolio  in 2017 as we now enter our 28th year of trading.

At this time of year, we would like to reserve a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves. We wish everyone all the very best of luck in 2017 and we hope that good fortune smiles upon you – let’s all look to getting cargo moving, ships out working and a positive approach to the year ahead. At Euroline we believe that a ‘can do’ attitude will always conquer.

To that end, we wish you Season’s Greetings !!