The changing world of shipping

There are some dramatic changes on the horizon for those engaged in the shipping industry. Legislation changes will impact on every aspect of trade and will affect importers, exporter and ship operators to varying degrees.

These changes will come in the form of the implementation of UCC – Union Customs Code – which has a scheduled implementation date of 1st May 2016

Our customers and principals can be assured that Euroline has been actively preparing for that day with our first step being working towards accreditation as an Authorised Economic Operator. This process is well underway now and we are extremely confident that full approval will be granted to the company by HM Revenue & Customs by early February this year. The process towards AEO accreditation is complex and requires full analysis of the company’s systems, procedures, security, finances and cyber security.

We will, of course, be informing our trade contacts when our approval is confirmed by HMRC. We will also release the news via this website.