An Express service at Peterhead

Today (15/12/15) we welcomed the fastest ship that the company has ever dealt with into the port at Peterhead. The HSC Express made a scheduled fuel stop having left Belfast less than 20 hours beforehand en-route to Scandinavia. The vessel, which is capable of cruising at up to 40 knots and averages 38 knots on most voyages, is a state of the art “High Speed Craft” passenger carrier with a catamaran style hull.

We are, of course, delighted that the owners chose Euroline as their reputable, reliable local agent with whom they could entrust the entire port call to be handled safely, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Whilst the vessel is certainly high speed, the same can also be said about the port call where all services and facilities were provided rapidly to ensure the vessel could continue on her high speed voyage.

On the picture below, the vessel can be seen alongside the tanker jetty at Peterhead during the port call.


hsc express