Spotlight on Euroline staff


Euroline Shipping Co Ltd has operated under the leadership of its Managing Director, Mike Packer, who has been the driving force behind the company since its inception in 1989. Mike has a lifetime of shipping company experience and has seen many changes in the maritime industry over the years. With the support of the operations team he has been instrumental in building the company into the force that it is today by embracing change and evolution to drive the company forward with fresh ideas, impetus and new initiatives with the aim always being to maintain customer satisfaction and to refine operational results.


The  Euroline operations department is managed by Steve Milne who has been with the company since 1991. Steve has spent his entire career in shipping and has worked very closely with the Managing  Director since joining the company in helping  to create the Euroline model which is based on achieving and maintaining best practice in ships agency, cargo handling and marine operations which the company’s clients are accustomed to. Steve has a much admired reputation throughout the shipping industry for his dedication, loyalty and trust-worthiness.


The company’s “young blood”, in the shape of Andy Greig, Chris Rezin and Ross Smith are the hub of the company’s day to day agency and cargo operations departments. With a wealth of experience, they can be relied upon, by all our clients and contractors alike, to provide service and feedback that is considered ”best in class”. The operations team can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the company’s  main office telephone number and e-mail address.


Nina Mackie has supported the director, management and operations team at Euroline for over 11 years by administering the company’s finances and managing the sale and purchase ledgers. The company is proud of Nina’s loyalty and dedication to her role.