Aberdeen Harbour Shield and the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre

On Sunday 30th August 2015, the annual Aberdeen Harbour Shield golf tournament was held at Inverurie Golf Club on the outskirts of Aberdeen.
Sponsored by Aberdeen Harbour Board, the event was held with glorious weather and an excellent time was had by all those attending.
This was the 19th time the event has been held and its sole purpose was to raise funds for the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre which relies on charitable donations for its whole operation.
Euroline has actively participated in this event since it started and is proud to have again played its part in the raising of a significant amount of funds for the centre.
In the current downturn in the shipping and oil & gas industries, it is easy to forget how important a role the centre plays in the port and the care it provides for the welfare of all seafarers. Euroline recognises and acknowledges the centre’s work and actively calls upon all port users to look to support the centre in any way possible.