Extracting better value out of the North Sea

Towards the end of 2014  the value of a barrel of oil started to slide from a year high of around $100,- per barrel. By mid 2015 this had turned into a full scale plunge with the value of a barrel of oil dropping to under $50 by early August.

As the drastic drop on the value of oil has impacted all operators and service companies around the North Sea region we frequently read and hear about how the oil industry needs to embrace a culture change and start a drive towards considerable cost savings but at the same time we continue to witness the established North Sea oil companies and offshore fleet operators choosing the same methodology in their logistics and supply chain as they have done over the previous 30 years.

The time for change and new thinking is long overdue. Euroline are there to provide the tools and methodology  to drive that change and help reduce client costs.

Euroline’s operations department working  with its accredited partners in the marine and transport supply chain around the North Sea basin are able to offer the ‘one stop shop’ requirement that oil companies need to get better value out of their existing assets and furthermore we are there to provide that same service to new exploration and production companies entering the North Sea arena.

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